About Spring Valley Utility

Spring Valley Public Utilities provides water and electric service to the residents and businesses of Spring Valley, MN and is governed by a 3-member utility board appointed by the mayor. Sewer and storm water services are provided by the City of Spring Valley and usage is billed by Spring Valley Public Utility. 
The electric department provides electric services to the community and was established in 1936 with the construction of the power plant which originally housed 2 generators that produced a total of 376 kilowatts. The Power Plant currently houses 4- generators capable of producing around 7 megawatts which are used to supply power to the town during emergencies or peak times during the summer.
Spring Valley is also a member of Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (SMMPA) who we contract power through for the community. SMMPA is comprised of 18 municipally owned utilities and has helped maintain a high level of reliability and low competitive rates.
The water department is responsible for providing clean, safe and reliable drinking water to the community. Spring Valley is served by 3 different wells that are around 900’ deep that draw water from the Prairie Du Chien-Jordan and St. Peter-Jordan aquifers as well as a 500,000-gal water tower for storage. For more information, please contact Spring Valley Public Utilities.
Other services that are available in Spring Valley or the surrounding area but are not provided by Spring Valley Public Utilities are telephone, internet, cable, and natural gas. Contact information for services not provided by Spring Valley Public Utilities are listed below.
  • Spring Valley City Hall – 1-507-346-7367
  • Spring Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant – 1-507-922-0132
  • Spring Valley Street Dept. 1-507-346-2992
  • Mediacom Cable -1-855-224-2253
  • Century Link – 1-800-201-4099
  • Minnesota Energy Resources 24 hr Customer Services – 1-800-889-9508
  • Minnesota Energy Resources 24 hr Emergency – 1-800-889-4970
  • Mi Energy – 1-800-432-2285
  • Peoples Energy Cooperative 24 hr – 1-800-214-2694