Water Alert Information

Water Alert Information
Draught Information

The Upper Mississippi-Black-Root watershed which includes Fillmore County has entered a Drought Warning as defined by the DNR Statewide Drought Plan. In response, Spring Valley Utility is asking residents to reduce their non-essential water use.

During the summer months the city pumps more water than in the winter months primarily due to outside water use. With the addition of drought conditions this can place additional demand on water resources at a time when they are already stressed. One of the goals during this drought warning set by the DNR is to reduce water use to 50% above January levels. The biggest way you can help the Utility conserve water is by cutting back on non-essential water use, primarily lawn watering and other outside water uses such as power washing, car washing and swimming pool filling.

Additional Information

For additional information contact Spring Valley Utility 507-346-7622. Additional information may also be found on the city website www.springvalley-mn.com as well as www.drought.gov  https://www.ready.gov/drought and the DNR water conservation webpage.

Current Drought Levels