Dog & Cat Licenses are Required in the City of Spring Valley

EVERY owner of a dog or a cat is REQUIRED to license their pet in the City of Spring Valley!!

A current rabies certificate with a complete description of the animal plus the license fee is all that is needed.  Please bring your information to City Hall. 

Any questions call City Hall 507-346-7367, ext 1 

The cost of a license is $25.00/pet. This is a lifetime license. 


City Pet Pound

May your pet end up in the City Pound, you may contact City Hall to Claim 507-346-7367 during normal business hours

Monday-Thursday 8a-430p

The Fee is as follows

First offense is 25.00

Second Offense is 50.00

Third offense is 75.00

Fourth and more is 150.00 

There is also a 15.00 Boarding fee for everyday the dog is in the kennel. 

You can pay your fee online (must provide confirmation code) or at City Hall and provide the Receipt